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My friends always used to ask me for relationship advice. I became great at giving it, but not always so great at living it.

Years before I made love my career, people brought their messy relationship issues to me: when to define the relationship, how to know if they like me, how to ask for what I need, etc.

In contrast to most people in their lives, I didn’t judge my friends, and I kept their secrets. I listened to them rather than changing the subject to my relationship issues. I was their trusted confidant.

Though I gave excellent relationship advice, I struggled to form healthy relationships myself. I fumbled my way through one after another, often bringing more pain and confusion than love and joy.

After yet another relationship ended, I realized I needed help. My struggle with healthy relationships and alcohol addiction brought me to therapy. (Spoiler alert: untreated addiction rarely lends itself to healthy relationships with others.)

For the first time, I found a therapist I connected with and began the journey to healing my fear of intimacy and my confusion about love. Through years of in-depth exploration around my insecurities, intense work with a psychologist and a therapist around my self-worth, I (mostly) healed my fear of love and intimacy.

I learned a lot about what it takes to start asking for the kind of love life I deserve.

My communication theory background came in handy when I started applying it to my relationships: It turns out asking for what you want is the best way of getting what you want!

It sounds so simple, yet it took time to learn how to do it. I knew a lot of people needed help too. So I returned to my roots as a relationship-advice giver to teach others what I’d learned (and am still learning) about love, intimacy, and building healthy, loving relationships.

I started The Love Drive podcast and have interviewed over 100 experts and thought leaders in the field of love. I became certified as a rape-crisis counselor to support women in their healing journey after abuse. And I obtained coaching certifications to deepen my understanding of how to serve my clients best.

Learning about love is a life-long journey, and I’m here for it.

I continue to deepen my understanding of how to build lasting, healthy, and fulfilling relationships. I keep meeting with my therapist weekly to explore my heart’s tender recesses and continue to devour books on intimacy and sexuality. And as I keep building courses, recording podcasts, and writing about love, I can grow alongside my students.

If you want to learn about love, intimacy, and healthy relationships, you’re at the right place. Welcome aboard.


Shaun Galanos
Communication & Intimacy coach Shaun Galanos smiling in a red T Shirt

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