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“Speak up for yourself, in love and life.”

Love and relationships can be confusing as hell. I’m here to help you through the maze. Working with me puts you squarely in the driver’s seat as we explore what’s holding you back from love

I’ve helped hundreds of people develop the skills they need for better relationships, including:

— Identifing what you want out of life
— Setting firm, loving boundaries
— Gaining self-confidence
— Learning to spot people who are good for you
— Overcoming your hangups on love
— Learning how to communicate what you want and need
— Developing your flirting skills
— Learning how to be yourself on dates
— Overcoming the fear to open up to others
— Getting past your insecurities
— Improving your current relationship

Opening yourself to love, learning to trust again, and building a big and beautiful love is not easy work, and we’ll do it together.

My job as your coach is to lovingly hold your feet to the fire as we explore what you want to work on, where you want to go, and how you’re going to get there.

Your job is to get curious about your fears and insecurities, get honest with me about your struggles, and show up courageously.

Together, we’ll come up with what exactly you want to change in your life. We’ll build awareness, responsibility, and come up with action that leads to lasting change.

Love and relationships can be confusing as hell; your heart, your emotions, and your mind might be giving you conflicting messages, and that’s okay.

Let’s make sense of it all and give you the skills you need to navigate relationships with clarity, courage, and respect.

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