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Intro to Great Sex:

Invite Intimacy into
your bedroom


Great sex doesn’t happen by accident, and most people aren’t born with the skills to have great sex.

In this course, you’ll identify what you like, how to talk about sex like never before, and learn to co-create exciting, intimate love-making sessions.

You’ll walk away with tools to make sex exciting and intimate, the courage to talk about sex and sexual health with your partners, and a deeper connection with your sexual self.

Join 100s of happy students who have made their sex life more enjoyable with this course.


This course contains two recorded 75-min Zoom webinar sessions, plus lots of bonus content!


Opening Up to Pleasure

  • Opening up to pleasure
  • Identifying your desires, needs, and dreams
  • Talking about sex, sexual health, and making requests


Desires, Needs and Dreams

  • Cultivating intimacy and presence with self and others
  • Co-creating sexy and intimate sexual experiences
  • Getting out of your head and into your body

Bonus Session


  • How to know when a partner is “in the mood”?
  • When to bring up STIs with a new partner?
  • How to navigate new sexual experiences?

Bonus Content

Also included with this course are:

  • A 75-min Bonus Q&A (prerecorded)
  • A 44-page Comprehensive Resource Guide for step-by-step implementation, i.e., a full outline of the course, complete with all relevant links.
  • Access to The Lovebird Club: A private Facebook group for fellow students to support each other and grow together.

Shaun helps break down simple yet difficult concepts of healthy communication with examples in a very organized and precise manner.

— Angie, Healthy Communication Course

Your Questions Answered

I don't have a sexual partner; will this course still be helpful?

Great sex starts with you. You’ll learn tools to deepen your connection to your sexuality, which will lead to greater connection in your future relationships. Partnered or not, I think you’ll get a ton out of the course. 

I have a specific question about the course; how can I ask it?

You’ll get access to a comprehensive resource document (think of it as the book that accompanies the course). You can leave your questions in the document, and I’ll answer them (give me two business days, please).

I prefer to attend your courses live; when is the next one?

I host about six courses a year; you can expect one every other month. To find out about upcoming classes, and take advantage of presale pricing, sign up for my email list.

I don't see my question here; can I contact you directly?

Sure thing. Head over to my contact page and send me a message directly. If I can help, I will. 

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