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The Heartbreak Survival Guide with Sam Lamott

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If you’re lucky, you’ll only ever experience one devastating breakup in your lifetime. Some people, for whatever reason, get their hearts broken over and over again. Maybe they love harder than the rest of us or are more willing to put it all on the line in the name of love.

But it doesn’t matter if this is your first or your fifth breakup, getting over heartbreak is never easy.

If you’re lucky, you see it coming because your partner chose to talk to you about it. At worst, it happens suddenly and seemingly without warning. One day everything is fine, the next her bags are packed, and there’s a note on the kitchen table saying “sorry, it’s over.”

And that’s sort of what happened to Sam Lamott. Sam is an artist, writer, creator, and single father living in San Francisco.

He’s also the founder of Hello Humans, a platform for storytellers who capture the truth of what it means to be human. His site is chock full of stories from regular folks, like you and me, who share their experiences dealing with the trials and tribulations of real life. Life isn’t what we show the world on social media; it’s often a lot messier than that.

Sam and I have been friends for some years now. We started getting our shit together somewhere around the same time in San Francisco. Turns out, getting your shit together takes awhile, but we’re still plugging away at it.

On our episode today, how to get over a messy, devastating breakup.

What to do when your world gets flipped upside down, or when the partner you thought you’d grow old with walks out that door.

Key Takeaways (or what we talk about in the show)

  • Why surviving is your #1 goal
  • What to do when the floor falls out from under you
  • How to turn your focus inward and use the breakup for growth

Breakup Survival Guide Show Notes

Check out Hellow Humans, it’s a fantastic project and definitely worth your time.

Check out Sam’s podcast, How To Human on Apple Podcast, or wherever you get your podcasts. Past guests include Brené Brown, Aparna Nancherla, and Giorgia Lupi.

This show is produced by Shaun Galanos with help from Gilford Street Studios.

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Shaun Galanos

Shaun Galanos is a love coach and course creator. He teaches communication and intimacy tools for better relationships and more love.

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