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Women’s Pelvic Health with Laura Schaefer

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The Full Pelvic Floor Release Podcast Episode

What is pelvic floor release, how common is painful penetration, why the mighty Kegel isn’t as great as people make it out to be, and more.

According to a recent study, 1/3 of women experience pain during intercourse or penetration and pelvic floor release is one method of treating that pain.

If it’s so common, why don’t we hear about it more? Why aren’t we talking about the fact that something that should be enjoyable, brings some women so much pain?

Some women have it so bad that even just putting in a tampon, or thinking about having sex is enough to cause them debilitating pain.

To make sense of this, and what women can do about pelvic pain, we’re chatting with Laura Schaefer. She’s a certified pelvic floor physical therapist and has been helping women treat their pelvic pain and regain the ability to enjoy sex again.

We talk about what a pelvic floor therapist does and why you should probably see one at some point in your life, what women can do to prevent painful intercourse before it happens, why the mighty Kegel isn’t as great as people make it out to be, and some self care tips for keeping your vulva happy and moisturized.

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Clips From The Episode

Pelvic Floor Release Show Notes

Book an appointment with Laura Schaefer at Cappinophysio or Accessmed.

Books that Laura recommends:

Books that Shaun recommends:

Don’t listen to Gwyneth Paltrow: keep your coffee well away from your rectum

Find a PT in the USA: American Physical Therapy Association

Find a PT in Canada: Canadian Physical Therapy Association

This show has been produced by Shaun Galanos with help from Gilford Street Studios.

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