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The Joy of Giving Massage with Shai Plonski

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We often give massage to receive, but Shai Plonski is a firm believer that you can get as much joy from giving a massage as you can from receiving one. His new best-selling book, The Joy of Giving Massage, is about maximizing the pleasure you get from giving a great Thai Yoga Massage.

Massage is no longer what you need to get through in order to get yours. It’s a practice to meditate, connect with yourself, and deepen the intimacy between you and the person receiving the massage.

Shai Plonski has been practicing and teaching Thai Yoga Massage for over ten years we talk about the importance of giving, what it takes to provide a fantastic massage, and of course, we go deep on the loving benefits of touch.

Shai demonstrating a Thai Yoga Massage side stretch

What you’ll learn (or why you should care):

• How Thai Yoga Massage differs from other forms of massage

• How Thai Yoga Massage can be a powerful form of meditation

• What is Metta and how it can deepen your relationships

• Exactly how to give a Thai Yoga Massage so good you’ll want to do it all the time

Notes and Resources

Shai’s YouTube channel with free how-to videos.

Connect with Shai on Facebook.

Learn more about Still Light Center here.

Buy The Joy of Giving Massage here.

Thai Yoga Massage

This show is produced by Shaun Galanos with the help from Gilford Street Studios.

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