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The Over-Sexualization of Women with Lili Boisvert

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From clothing to flirting, from our fascination with youth and innocence to the orgasm gap, every aspect of women’s lives is dictated by their status as sex objects, and it’s a problem.

Journalist, columnist, actress, and now author Lili Boisvert wrote a book on how women are set up to fail at sex, the problem with over-sexualizing women and under-sexualizing men, and how we can start to reverse this dangerous dynamic.

What you’ll learn (or why you should care):

• The dangers of women having a passive role in courtship, sex, and life

• Why the patriarchy insists that we do not sexualize men like we do women

• How we can begin to change the dynamics at play for more bedroom and worldwide equality

Where to find Lili Boisvert:


Facebook page for Les Brutes

Mentioned on the podcast:

Lili’s book, Screwed: How Women Are Set Up to Fail at Sex

Dr. Ian Kener’s book, She Comes First

The movie, The Graduate

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