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Coach, Speaker, Love Expert.

Shaun is a love expert who speaks and hosts workshops about the power of intimacy.

He’s worked with and been featured in organizations like:

About Shaun

Shaun helps people learn the communication and intimacy skills required to have meaningful and loving relationships with themselves to connect more deeply with others.


In an era of fast-food dating and disposable love, Shaun helps people remember what it’s like to love and connect with courage and clarity.


Honest and direct communication can solve nearly all love and relationships challenges. Shaun will show you how.


- Robin Ducharme, Founder, Real Love Ready

It was a great pleasure to host Shaun as a Keynote Speaker. He’s an expert in relational communication and our community gained valuable tools for communicating more clearly and lovingly in our relationships.

- Elizabeth Earnshaw LMFT & CGT, A Better Life Therapy

Shaun is a fantastic speaker. He says what needs to be said about healthy relationships & dating in such a real and digestible way that you have aha moment after aha moment! He delivered a fantastic workshop to our community on modern dating, and we’d be thrilled to have him back.

- Jake Fishbein Lead Facilitator, Executive and Personal Coach

Shaun is one of – if not the best – facilitator at taking commonly talked about concepts and explaining them in simple, powerful, and integrative ways.

- Dr. Alexandra Solomon Teacher, Therapist & Author

Shaun is great at what he does.

Watch Shaun Speak

Speaking Topics

Getting Your Needs Met: Develop Deeper, More Fulfilling Relationships

  • Identifying your needs, finding various ways of getting those needs met, and making requests that work. 
  • Deepen your relationships and find more satisfaction and fulfillment by meeting your unmet needs. 
  • Identifying which needs are inside jobs and which you can safely outsource.

How to Ask for Anything: Speak up for Yourself in Love and Life

  • How to get out of your head and move past your fears of rejection.
  • Communicate your needs with clarity, courage, and compassion.
  • Speak up for yourself with love and build the life of your dreams.

Developing Emotional Intimacy: Opening Up To Yourself and Others

  • The importance of holding space in deepening your relationship to yourself and others.
  • Using intimacy and vulnerability to open up to a deeper love.
  • Sitting with your own and others emotional discomfort.

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